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Rice Banana Powder Mix



Traditional Babyvita Rice banana powder mix is a traditional food made from dehydrated Nendran banana


Our Rice Banana Powder Mix, the ideal option for harried parents who want to feed their infants a wholesome and tasty meal. This blend, which is made from carefully chosen components, provides a simple and straightforward method to start your child’s diet with solid foods.Our Rice Banana Powder Mix is a delightful and nourishing combination of rice flour and dried Nendran banana that is ideal for starting solid foods to your baby.
We have curated our rice banana powder mix to provide the vital nutrients required for your Little ones growth and development. The mixture contains a significant amount of rice-based carbs, providing all-day energy. Your baby will undoubtedly enjoy meals thanks to the natural sweetness of ripe bananas, which also adds a delightful flavor. This traditional cuisine is loaded with vital Nutrients to assist your baby’s growth and development and is simple to digest.

– Made from all-natural ingredients
– No added preservatives or artificial flavors
– Easy to prepare and store
– Suitable for you little one

– Provides essential nutrients for your Little ones growth and development
– Easy to digest and gentle on your little ones stomach
– Convenient and easy to prepare, perfect for busy parents
– A delicious and nutritious alternative to processed baby foods

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 5 cm

Rice and Navara rice, Dehydrated Nendran Banana Powder, Sugar, Cardamom, Nut-grass


Add two teaspoon Traditional Babyvita Rice Banana Powder Mix to one glass of milk or water and mix well in a saucepan. Stir and boil continuously for five minutes in medium heat to make smooth paste. Traditional Babyvita Rice Banana Powder Mix is slightly sweetened. Add Sugar, Candy or Salt as per requirement and stir well. Serve in light hot.


1) Is the Rice Banana Powder Mix suitable for all babies?
Ans: For infants 6 months and older, our rice banana powder mix is appropriate. However, it’s always advised to speak with your child’s pediatrician before introducing new foods to their diet.

2) Can I use breast milk instead of water or regular milk?
Ans: In order to increase the nutritious content of the rice banana powder mix, you may surely combine it with breast milk. It’s a fantastic method to include breast milk in your infant’s meals.

3) How long does the product last after opening?
Ans: The Rice Banana Powder Mix must be consumed within 30 days of opening. After each use, be careful to tightly reseal the pouch and store it somewhere cold and dry.


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